Final challenge

The FINAL challenge (EAR Piercing, PEGASUS pwn 500) has now been released! Less than 12 hours remain in the competition. Best of luck!


Welcome to day 2!

Welcome to day 2 of SunshineCTF! We're kicking things off w/ a new speedrun challenge, new pwn (OOMG SPACE! 2), and a new PEGASUS challenge (License Check). More challenges coming every 30 minutes, so get busy! Be sure to re-download the newer version of the `runpeg` and `` files from the User Guide challenge if you're working through the PEGASUS category.


Updated binary for OOMG SPACE!

Flag sending code was unreliable for people with slow connections to the server. The binary has been updated. If you have an exploit that worked locally but not on the server, try it now!



You must be an attendee of BSides Orlando to win the Belt :)


Notification for SunshineCTF Belt

If you are in the top 20 teams, please send an email to [email protected] or DM me Helithumper#6485 in Discord with your team name and a good contact (Email or Discord). We need this in the next 30 Minutes!